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Thousands of poor in Israel- among

them widows, orphans, and immigrants - live in apartments that are not equipped with heating systems. Children and the elderly, especially, suffer sickness and discomfort as a result.  


OD YOSEF CHAI provides these families with electric heating systems as well as food and clothing all in a discreet and dignified manner.

The days of Chanukah are a specially auspicious time for giving charity which serves as a special source of protection

for the Jewish community.


And so, as you kindle the lights of your Menorah this Chanukah, doso with the knowledge that you brought smiles to the faces of the poor as they lit their Menorahs.

May the radiance of the Chanukah lights illuminate your home with a spirit of joy to last throughout the year!

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Chanukah Donation

Have a Happy Chanukah!

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