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OD YOSEF CHAI, is a non-profit organization serving an educational, religious, and community purpose.  Our mission is to educate, inspire and perform acts of charity and kindness.  Over the years, this organization has earned a reputation for charity, kindness, integrity and originality in its methods of providing help to the poor in an unassuming, often hidden manner so that its recipients will feel no shame or loss of self-respect.  
Od Yosef Chai supports over 8,000 needy families, including widows and orphans, newly immigrants, terrorist victims, the sick and elderly, especially before the holidays.  Food, new clothing, shoes, gift certificates and financial assistance is provided.  Many families in severe financial straits are too embarrassed to ask for help.  Our staff of volunteers seeks out these families and provides them support in a dignified and anonymous manner.  
Jews from all segments of the community  receive help from Od Yosef Chai.  We have no political stance or agenda – our only criteria is need.


Od Yosef Chai holds very dear our deep connection with the Land of Israel providing assistance to our impoverished brethren living there.
An important mission of ours includes educating our youth, and inculcating an appreciation for essential values and concern for human welfare.  Each year the organization produces educational materials such as videos, magazines, posters, etc. and  organizes fun and educational campaigns for hundreds of schools across United States to inspire the children to actively get involved in caring for others.

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