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 Maot Chitim

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On Pesach, we celebrate our redemption from Mitzrayim.  Unfortunately, a great number of our brethren suffer poverty, shame and hunger.  How can we celebrate yom tov with joy, when so many of our dear brothers and sisters are in distress?

The Rema, in Shulchan Aruch, explains the idea behind the time-honored tradition of Maos Chitim. We cannot properly celebrate the chag of Pesach without first providing the poor with their Pesach necessities.  In fact, we can only fully rejoice with true simchas hachag when we bring joy to our needy brethren as well.

Let us provide generous help for the poor amongst us: redeem them from their personal exile and relieve them from poverty.


This Pesach as we each sit at our beautiful Seder table, we will have fulfilled the sacred words of the Haggadah,    “Let all who are hungry come and partake…


In merit of tzedakah, may this be the season of our own redemption, and the final Redemption of Klal Yisrael!


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