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Have a Sweet New Year!


As the Days of Awe approach, it is proper for us to understand how we can best arouse Hashem's compassion toward ourselves and the entire Jewish People.  Our sages teach     

כל המרחם על הבריות מרחמין עליו מן השמים

"Whoever has compassion upon others will merit compassion from Heaven"


By demonstrating compassion toward our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Holy Land and offering generous financial support to relieve them of their poverty, we will surely arouse Hashem's compassion.

Through this, we will merit to be inscribed on Rosh Hashanah for a year of good health, prosperity, happiness and success in all our endeavors.

Let us provide generous help for the poor amongst us:

and bring delight, goodness, and sweetness!



 In merit of tzedakah, may we all be inscribed in the  book of good life replete with abundant blessings.   

Rosh Hashanah

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